The Key to Effective Time Management

What do you have in common with famous actors/actresses, politicians and dignitaries, the wealthiest business owners as well as the poorest of the poor?

Did you guess time?

We all have the same 1440 minutes in a day and 98% of us lament that don't have more hours in a day.  Yet, we know that won't happen.

But What IF we could LEARN how to be more effective in our time management that at the end of the day, we felt like we had ADDED HOURS to our day?

What if the secret to getting things done in less time was something we could learn?  Like learning our multiplication tables?  Well, it is!  

The Key to Effective Time Mangement is
Knowing WHEN to Do It

Managing your time effectively does not come naturally to most people, just like we were not born with the facts of multiplication in our head.  But, just like we learned those times tables in the third grade, we can use the same techniques to train ourselves in the skill of effective time management.

Prepare by reviewing

When learning any new skill, it is helpful to review what you already know or already have done.  In math, you reviewed the facts you learned from the day before and then went on to learn new ones.

In order to effectively manage your time, start by reviewing.

Review your long term objectives - know where you intend to go.  Then you can:
  • Establish your weekly targets, 
  • Creatie a task list for each day.  
  • Prioritize and schedule each task that you need to get done. 
Review again at the end of each work day, revising as needed.  No longer will you have to waste time deciding what to work on when you begin each morning.  You will be able to dig right in, starting with the most important.  

Review at the end of the week
, before you begin a new work week.  This will ensure that you know right where to start when you sit down the next work day.
Use Your Best Time of Day

There is a reason that we learned our most important things in the beginning of the day in elementary school.  And a reason that breaks were timed between subjects.  We usually do our best work in the morning.  And we need recess.

This is another key to effective time management - schedule your tasks around your most productive part of the day.  When you  spend 20 percent of your day focused on the most important tasks then you will accomplish 80 percent of your results.

Give yourself permission to take a break and recharge your batteries because breaks are necessary in order to be effective. But schedule this break and pay attention to the time.  Don't use this time to surf the internet if you know that the next time you look up an hour will be gone and you won't remember where you left off.

Because time management is really about being able to effectively manage yourself, you must set limits for yourself and stick to them.

Batch Tasks

We learned our multiplication facts by learning the 1's then the 2's then the 3's.  It made more sense this way, rather than trying to learn them randomly.

Your brain will naturally be more effective and more efficient when you do things in batches of related tasks, rather than going through the day randomly trying to finish things you have to do.

Schedule related tasks such as returning phone calls or writing letters, articles or blog posts for the same time frame.  Then you can stay on the same train of thought and your momentum is likely to help you finish quicker than if you did them here and there throughout the week.

This also helps you to know exactly when to schedule things that come up during the day.  You know you will be writing from 11-1 tomorrow, so you can tell the person who needs that letter to expect it tomorrow by 1.  And you will be returning calls this afternoon from 4-5, so you can put that on your voicemail and your caller will know too.

We all want to learn the one secret that will make me more effective with my time management. 

And the true secret is to learn how to manage ourselves

We need to manage what we do and when we do it, training ourselves in the process to be protective of the schedule we have created because it is the path to our success.

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