Why A Time Management
System Won't Work For You

Enough already!
  • You have tried all the tips and suggestions for time management.
  • You have bought a number of time management planners.
  • You have bought software, read books, and taken training.
You just want something to work.

So will a time management program work if all these other things have not?

There are many reasons most time magagement programs may not work for you.  And usually it is NOT because you don't know the techniques or systems. (After all, you have read them, and then not only tried them, but worked hard at applying what you have learned)

You are having trouble with time management for reasons that are very specific to YOU

But  most time management programs usually teach a specific strategy or technique that applies to the creator and to the general public. 

But they may not apply to YOU.

The number one problem I have seen is that most systems do not start with training about your mindset.  But this training is essential in  that it allows you to uncover the mental blocks and behaviors that are causing YOUR particular time management problems.

Until you identify and understand these, you cannot hope to develop a strategy for eliminating your time management problems. 

But when you do identify your roadblocks, you can then take the tips and strategies in those courses and books and apply them to your particular needs and develop a time management strategy that YOU can follow.

The second most common problem is that most time management programs do not have on-going support. 

Like having a coach in sports, on-going support can help you troubleshoot and apply particular techniques to your situation.  This is essential for making lasting change.

Finding a program with these essential ingredients is the key.  Because the techniques and tips may be fabulous, but without the ability to follow them, they will be useless.

So what mental block might be holding you back?  What if it is simpler than you thought?
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