The One Thing You Must
Know About Time Management

Does this sound familiar?
  • Your resolutions always revolve around learning to manage your time more efficiently. 
  • You cannot count the number of times you have promised to "become more effective with your time". 
  • Or how many times you have said "I want to get more done in less time"
  • And wondered about the secret to "managing your time wisely"?

One of the reasons we have so much trouble managing time is that we are seeing time as an object that can be managed.

We think if somehow we manage to control our time, we will find ourselves getting more done.
When we think that we can manage our time, we are imagining fitting our to-do list into a pre-determined schedule or timetable. 

Then, when the tasks on that list are not done within our schedule or timeframe, we assume it is because we managed our time poorly.

This belief that we can somehow control time or even manage our time can lead to several problems.

We tend to multi-task.  Believing that we will be more efficient, we work on several of those tasks on our list at once.  However, doing this really means that we are probably not doing any of them effectively.

We set unreasonable deadlines.  We determine the amount of time it will take to accomplish our tasks based on our best average time in which we have done it in the past.  This means we do not take into account interference and interruptions.

We do not look for ways to increase efficiency.  When we are trying to control our time, we tend to do the same things over and over again, but hurriedly.  We are rushing to finish tasks, racing against the clock and worrying about the time.  This sets us up to fail, because the time will pass whether the list is done or not and our focus was the time, not the task.

The one thing that you must know about time management?  It is that time cannot BE managed. 

Time is a commodity that does not change and cannot be manipulated, altered or rearranged.  It marches on whether we realize this principle or not.

So, what must we do?  What must we change?

We need to change our thinking. 

By recognizing that there really is only ONE thing that CAN be managed - and that is ourself.  

We manage our time by managing what we do and when we do it.   Then we decrease the amount of time a task takes, by increasing our efficiency.

These are skills that can be learned.  Our feeling of being able to manage time then will be changed by learning how to choose reasonably what we do and then learning how to do it efficiently.  And when we learn these skills, we become masters of ourselves thus forever changing the meaning of "managing our time wisely".

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