Get Rid of These Things
to Improve Your Time Management

Do, Do, Do

You have a never-ending list of tips to implement, strategies to employ and techniques guaranteed to improve your time management.  If you will just DO them.

But, in order to be able to do these things, aren't there some you should GET RID OF?  


Get rid of these things so you can concentrate on the things that will make you more money, and ultimately allow you to have more freedom and fun.

Data Overload:  

We all have too many items coming at us during the day.  Whether it is letters, emails, phone calls, meetings, personnel problems or computer malfunctions - it is likely that generic "stuff" eats away at most of your day.

Go on An Information Diet

Reduce the amount of information that actually makes it  to your eyeballs.  Do this either by teaching your staff how to deal with the majority while funneling the items that truly only you can do, your way.  Or, by getting rid of them entirely (do you REALLY need to receive all of those trade magazines and e-mails?).

Need to Be in Control:  

Entrepreneurs, business owners, business managers, likely are in the place they are in because they are in control of their environment.  

We do things well and if the truth be told, when know that "Really, it is easier to just do it myself and know it has been done right!"  So when we hear of a problem, we often just tell the person "leave it on my desk and I will take care of it."

Get rid of this!  And learn to delegate tasks.  Take the time to teach them they way you want it done and let them know you expect it done that way.  Then, get out of the way!  

Or, if you are a lone-business-ranger, then determine what you can outsource.  Pay a small fee for someone else to do the tasks that eat away at your productive time.

The need to be in control has a close cousin - perfectionism - that we also need to get rid of!


We live in a world that expects us to be connected 24/7.  And if they cannot reach us, something must be wrong - with us!

We also live in fear that we will miss out on opportunity or (see above) that we will loose control of something.  So we are connected in multiple electronic ways.

Purposefully plan part of your day to unconnect and produce.

Not only will you get more done, but people will develop a new-found respect for a person who has that kind of control and discipline when it comes to their time.

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