Do You Have The Right 
Time Management Planner For YOU?

What type of time management planner have you been using?

Do you have one calendar on your refrigerator, one on your desk, another on the wall in your office and on in your purse that you stuff coupons in?

Do you use an electronic calendar system?

Do you keep a day planner - week at a glance or a page a day?

Or do you just have post-its stuck all over in the hopes that you will remember all of the items on your schedule?

Some of us just love to shop for a new time management planner at the beginning of the year.  We somehow think that buying that pretty, leather day planner will make us better with our time management.

Then we find that at the end of the first month, most of the pages are blank.

It can be the same with the electronic gizmo.  We think finding just the right time management app will make us more productive.

But, we are back to the post-its within no time.

Is it that we are not disciplined enough to actually use it?  

Or could it be that the system doesn't work with your style of time management and way of working?

Or did you even learn how to use the system that you purchased?

Before trying to make the same time management planner work for the 10th time, why don't you take a few moments to really determine what you need in a system.

What areas of your life do you need to have room to plan for?  You don't want multiple planners, so find one that allows you to schedule for all of your activities.

Do you need simple and easily accessible?  Then a paper planner may fit your needs.

Do you need to have it displayed where you can see it?  Then a whiteboard on your office wall may be the way to go.

Or, is it imperative that you can interface with your office calendar, your phone and your boss' calendar?  Then you may need a more complex, integrated electronic system.

And then, actually learn to use what you choose.  Take the time to set it up properly, then schedule time in your week to review and organize it.

Planning your time is important to managing yourself, your time and your schedule.  Time is the one resource we cannot create or buy more of.  So, while it may take some time up front to learn how to use a time management planner, the time saved in the long run will be worth it.

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